October 1st is a very special date!

Well my family, friends, and teammates I don't share a lot about my personal life but i'm going to share this one with you because I am proud of it!

On this day,10 years ago, I went into business for myself. Wireless Dimensions officially became mine.

Let me tell you I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!! My wife Jessica told me one time after we first opened that if I didn't stop pacing the floors I was going to burn a hole in the carpet.

I was 22 years old and had never owned a business before. I really had nothing of any monetary value and was honestly going on a hope and a prayer. I knew if I worked hard and had great teammates along the way and treated all of my customers just like I wanted to be treated I would make it. Well we made it! 10 years. WOW is all I can really say!

Just wanted to tell everyone thank you so very much...my family putting up with me working all the long hours...my friends who have been supportive along the way...ALL of the awesome staff that have worked with me over the years. Y'all are really special to me. I love watching you guys move on and do special things in your life.

Lastly, and especially, to all of my great customers: y'all really are what keeps us in business.

THANK YOU. This is my American Dream.


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