Beware of counterfeit cell phone covers in Jackson Tennessee

Beware of counterfeit cell phone covers in Jackson Tennessee

When buying a cell phone protection cover, be sure you are buying an authentic product.

We have been made aware that some counterfeit products are being sold in the area, some at what appears to be regular retailers, and it affects you in four ways:

(1) if you buy a counterfeit product, not only is it illegal, but the qualify of the product is also likely to be inferior to the original and your phone could be damaged.

(2) a counterfeit product does not carry the original warranty, so if you try to place a claim, the 'real' company will not honor the product.

(3) buying counterfeit products ultimately drives up the cost of authentic products, as they are required to police the activity to protect their brand. That cost has to be passed along.

(4) many times counterfeit products are being distributed by criminal organizations, some have been proven to have ties to terrorist organizations as well.

There are ways to determine when products are counterfeit. You can not use a remarkably low price as a some retailers sell counterfeit products at full retail.

The fakes look really legit - but they aren't. They are inferior in their quality and you are putting your phone at serious risk of damage...with no hope for a warranty. How good do the fakes look? Too good. Look at the two shown below.

The one of the left is the real deal, and the one on the right is the fake.

It would be difficult to tell the difference.

The BEST to always shop at Wireless Dimensions. All of our products are 100% authentic. We either work directly with the manufacturer, or with their legally authorized distributor. You can always be assured that when you buy a product from Wireless Dimensions, it is 100% quality, 100% authentic. We guarantee it.

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